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The Discarded Feast

The Discarded Feast

the discarded feast cover 93x140Seff and Alfonso, two servers working at a corporate Italian restaurant in Austin, Texas during the early 1990s, are a few missteps from destitution. When they learn that the restaurant management throws away an egregious amount of food every night, they steal the trays of discarded food and take them home, perfectly good meals otherwise destined for the local landfill. The young men later befriend some old folks on a delivery run--who they learn had young lives infinitely more interesting than their own--and they decide to give their newfound, elderly friends the food they have been collecting, with devastating consequences.

The Discarded Feast is a novella about a 21-year-old on the brink of manhood, trying to survive along with his roommate, working as waiters and barely making ends meet. Their story is told with heart, humor, and grit; their friendship is a testament to the good inside all of us, even during the worst of times.

The writing of Scott Semegran has been praised by bestselling author / Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Davy Rothbart as "Hilarious, poignant, and twisted." Award-winning cartoonist Emily Flake described the fiction of Scott Semegran as "Funny, sweet, dark, and sad, Scott Semegran's stories create a wholly convincing world of love, loss, and fear. His light touch with heavy subjects is a gift, and his forays into silliness are a delight."

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The Discarded Feast


ISBN: 978-1521046203

Copyright: © 2015 Scott Semegran

Language: English

Edition: First Edition

Printed: 185 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, cream paper, black and white ink, full-color cover with matte finish

Publisher: Scott Semegran

Category: Fiction / Literary

eBook Info

Copyright: © 2015 Scott Semegran

Word Count: 51,134

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