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Short Stories

the great and powerful brave raideen cover smThe Great and Powerful, Brave Raideen

Description: Second-grader William enjoyed the sanctity of his room where he would sit by himself, surrounded by his toys. In his room, he was safe from Randy, the bully who tortured him at school. William schemed about what he would do to get back at Randy with his favorite toy, a Shogun Warrior called Brave Raideen. When pressed about what he should do to get back at Randy, Brave Raideen told him, "You should get the thing in your mommy's nightstand. That'll scare him real good!" With that sage advice, William was convinced that Brave Raideen had the answer to his problem; he would show Randy who was the bigger kid when he saw him on the school playground. The next day, William's plan did not work out well for him but he later discovered a different way to make peace with Randy. A short story by Scott Semegran.

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the butterfly effect cover smThe Butterfly Effect

Description: A father watches his daughters lovingly care for a squirmy gang of caterpillars. When they morph into butterflies, the girls witness the true meaning of life... unfortunately. A short story by Scott Semegran.

Kindle Bestseller - Literary Fiction

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good night jerk face cover smGood Night, Jerk Face

Description: Sam is a 15-year-old boy living in San Antonio, Texas who dreams of getting a 1980 Mazda RX-7 for his sixteenth birthday. When he learns that his parents refuse to give him one, he finds a job at a nearby Greek restaurant to earn money to buy his RX-7. He forms a bond with the owner of the restaurant and discovers what is really important when getting his dream car. A novelette by Scott Semegran.

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morningwood cover smMorningwood

Description: When a strange old man slowly shuffles in front of a suburban house, the quiet neighborhood is turned upside down. A short story by Scott Semegran.

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that mouse is high cover smThat Mouse Is High

Description: A father frantically prepares for his daughter's birthday party only to come across a stumbling block that threatens to ruin the day. A short story by Scott Semegran.

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that little devil cover smThat Little Devil

Description: Rogelio enjoyed playing with his friend George in the ditch behind his house. And Rogelio's mother was glad he had a friend to play with until she found out George's true identity. Short story by Scott Semegran. This short story was first published in The Next One Literary Journal, Texas Tech University Honors College - Winter 2003-2004.

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in my garage cover smIn My Garage

Description: A couple of years ago, I made a pact with my two best friends, Nolan and Jacob. We decided that we would spend the last night before the end of the world partying in my garage. And that's just what we did. A short story by Scott Semegran.

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