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The Spectacular Simon Burchwood book cover

Slow + Steady: Scott Semegran on His 25 Year Indie Journey

Originally posted by IndieReader.com on November 30, 2017

IR’s second AUTHOR 2 AUTHOR post stars multi-hyphenate author (novels, short-stories and comic books) Scott Semegran. Scott shares his (almost) 25 year journey from early indie (1995) to over 35,000 books sold (to-date!) in 2017.

IndieReader (IR): When did you start writing?

Scott Semegran (SS): I began writing in 1993, the week after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English. In the years following, I garnered publication credits here and there: some poetry in journals (1996), a comic strip in a city paper (1999), and a short story in a literary journal (2002). I also began a career as a web developer.

IR: When did you decide to publish your first book?

SS: I completed two novels, one of which I self-published in 1995, back in the days when it was still called vanity publishing and was frowned upon. In 2003, I completed a draft of a novel but abandoned it after the death of my father. In 2004, I created a comic strip that eventually found its way into several alternative, weekly newspapers and I focused on that for many years. The money was meager but I was building a body of work: fiction and comic strips.

In the mid-2000s, I started reading articles about self-publishing paperbacks through the internet with companies like Lulu Press and the success some authors had dusting off their manuscripts and publishing them on their own. In 2008, I reread the draft of the novel I had shelved and discovered that I still loved it. I cleaned it up then published it but I didn’t know how to market it. I didn’t make much money but I loved the entire publishing process. I learned about typesetting and cover design. I later discovered Smashwords and Amazon KDP and learned about publishing eBooks as well. I continued to write fiction and create comic strips, building my body of work. I had one year I made a few thousand dollars in royalties. I had another year I made $12 in royalties.

Seven books later–four novels, two books of short stories, and one compilation book of comic strips (Simon Adventures Boxed Set, Sammie & Budgie, Boys, The Spectacular Simon Burchwood, The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood, Modicum, Mr. Grieves)–I’ve learned to wear several hats: writer, graphic designer, typesetter, web developer, marketer, and publicist.

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